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Although there is still much left to play for this season, Whitecap season ticket memberships renewals are underway, so we begin to look ahead to next year. 

For Partners that already have tickets with us, we look forward to another season of supporting our players. For those that are interested in relocating their seats to participate in this collective effort, please let us know. For those that are curious about acquiring single tickets, match packs, or full season ticket memberships with us, we can help with that too. In return, we expect your effort in the stands.

With the help of the Whitecaps Front Office, Curva Collective controls numerous rows of seats at the front of sections 203/204. Over the last few years, we have operated this as a general admission area for our Partners, with special exceptions for children, the elderly, and those responsible for tifo deployment. The benefits have been numerous and have helped create a communal dynamic. Want to congregate at the heart of the section? No problem. Are you bringing friends to support at a match? No longer do you have to scour for tickets close to yours. Going on vacation and can't attend a game? We are happy to move your tickets for you. Want to try out the section? We can make that happen.

Together, we can make 2017 memorable.

One of the Collective

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Dead Bulls

Now that the week is well under way, there is only one thing to focus on...our League match on Saturday. We host "New York Red Bulls"...or Dead Bull New Jersey as we prefer to call them. For some they are just a football team that was bought up by a corporation and "rebranded". For us they are one of the symptoms of modern football that should be troubling for anyone that values tradition and identity.

A few years ago, @ultrasmontreal did a small display reminding everyone that Red Bull Kills. They have so far taken over Clubs in New York, Salzburg, Leipzig, and São Paulo. We get that Clubs need money, but selling your whole identity (and in some cases colours) is not worth it. Amongst supporters and ultras the world over, these 4 "clubs" are despised for what they have done or allowed to happen to them.

At the beginning of this season we were disappointed to find out that this company had become a sponsor of #OurClub...again, we want our Club to make money, but we care how it is made and who it comes from. On top of all of this, it is more than awkward when you accept sponsorship from a company that is the owner of another team in your League, even in #MLS/ML$ where so much cross pollination exists. When we expressed our concern over certain red bull sponsored initiatives to those entrusted to be stewards of our Club, we were told, "It's just an energy drink." The message was essentially, "We don't care, we'll take money anywhere we can get it." It was a point we let the administrators of our Club know we could not agree with them on.

So Saturday we have extra desire and motivation to lift our side to victory. If you want to support with us in section 203/204, please be in touch as we have $35 tickets for sale.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

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Happy Birthday Koffie!

We want to wish @k7ffie a Happy 25th Birthday!!! #GTK, know that we have missed you dearly this season and look forward to what is in store for you in the future. We hope you have had an incredibly meaningful day! All our best from #VanCity!

Much Love,

One of the Collective

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    Welcome to Our Tuesday BBQ

    #TBT to this past Tuesday evening when our players took on #KansasCity in the #CCL. Things haven't really been going our way in the League lately, so we wanted to give our players and coaches some encouragement ahead of what was an important group stage match. It was great to see our side keep a clean sheet, score three goals (making the three KC logos seem prophetic), and just generally enjoy their football.

    @70_tornaghi and all our defenders (Captain @kendallwaston, @tim_parker26 @sw_hakeem @brettlevis @matiaslaba @rt31bert) thank you for that clean sheet! @fraseraird was buzzing on the right wing all night! On the left it was great to see #ElBicho find the back of the net...with his head (!!!) and cultured left foot - thanks in part to set up play from @masato_kudo_official @etado19 & #MatiGol! #EMoney, your finish on #Rusty's ball over the top was inspired!!! Congrats on seeing some fruit from all of your hard work! @elraton7 & #AndrewJacobson helped put the game to bed when they came on as well.

    All-in-all we dined on some tasty BBQ on Tuesday! We hope all our players are able to enjoy Saturday's match in LA just as much!

    Much Love,

    One of the Collective

    P.S. Thanks to our own @cascadianlion for taking these photos. Check out the whole album on our Facebook page here:…

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    Belated Birthdays

    Happy belated Birthday to a couple of our former defenders. Earlier this month @mboxall turned 28 and @deonmitchell19 turned 29. Boxy, we hope all is well in #SouthAfrica and you are still riding high from your Cup win! Mitch, we hope you continue to enjoy your football in #SouthKorea! How are things since Martin's departure? All our best to the both of you!

    Much Love,

    One of the Collective

    P.S. These are both @bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer) photos.

    #SupportIsAlways #GivingOurAll #WeAreWhoWeAre #VanCityTifosi #CurvaStyle

    Happy Birthday

    We want to wish our dear friend, fellow supporter, and @70_tornaghi's beloved wife...the Happiest of Birthdays! @valentina_70_ we hope that today has been special! We hope you and Paolo have been able to enjoy it! Thank you for how you have supported with us in our section, joined us for an away viewing, and been an encouragement to our movement. #GrazieMille

    Much Love,

    One of the Collective

    P.S. Thanks to @mynor__campos for taking this photo!

    Cascadia Away

    #TBT to this past March when several hundred #CapsOnTour descended on #MiddleCascadia for our 2-1 victory over the #Flounders. On Saturday, September 17th we will return to #Se4tt1e for our next #Cascadia clash, which is a 1pm kickoff...ideal for a 1 day trip southbound I5. If you haven't already, get your tickets ($30 each) now from one of the supporter movements...ourselves, @vancouversouthsiders, or @raincitybrigade. We all have them on sale for approximately 1 more week. This will be another memorable away match that you won't want to miss out on.

    Much Love,

    One of the Collective

    P.S. Thanks to @vancityvilla (#VancouverSouthsiders photographer) for this photo.

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    Happy belated 36th Birthday to @boykah! Kah, we hope you had a great day and that you and your family are well. Know that we appreciate all you have done and all you do...the seen and the unseen.

    Much Love,

    One of the Collective

    P.S. This is a @bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer) photo.

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    WARNING: @fcedmontonnow now has #SuperPowers!!! Congrats to #Residency Grad @benjaminfisk on signing with #FCEdmonton in the @naslofficial. Ben, know that we are proud of you and following you from #VanCity. All our best for making the breakthrough in #ColinMiller's side as they fight for honours in the #FallSeason and beyond!

    Much Love,

    One of the Collective

    P.S. @fcesg, if you need a song for #Ben10 just let us know.

    P.P.S. Here is the press release:

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