Kekuta Manneh - Coming Into His Own

Photo by Christopher Vose

Photo by Christopher Vose

Looking back on @kekuta16's second season in ‪#‎VanCity‬, there were signs of his progress. He played, started, and was on the pitch for more minutes than in 2013. He scored a little less and set up the same number of goals. However, his role as the wide left of the "3" in our 4-2-3-1, continued to stretch defences and created space for fellow attackers.

One question that still remains is, what is ‪#‎Scooter‬'s best position. Although he can contribute from this wide attacking position, he has had his greatest success as and out-and-out striker. One only needs to fall into a daydream of last year's trip to ‪#‎Se4tt1e‬ to remember the possibilities of having him play up top. Not only did he bag 3 goals, but he changed the spelling of ‪#‎MiddleCa5cadia‬'s cultural centre...forever!

Kekuta seems to relish the big moments...especially playing away vs. the ‪#‎Flounders‬. In this year's ‪#‎Ca5cadiaCup‬ ‪#‎Finale‬ he scored the lone goal that maintained our status as ‪#‎RecordHolders‬ of ‪#‎OurCup‬. This is Christopher Vose's photo immediately after the goal. The celebration on the pitch was muted because of the knock Scooter had taken that meant he was replaced by @kianzfroese at the half, but in sections 300/301 all the ‪#‎CapsOnTour‬ were going crazy as we were on our way to continuing our reign as the ‪#‎KingsOfCa5cadia‬!!!

Kekuta, we hope you have a relaxing & refreshing off season. We look forward to ‪#‎GivingOurAll‬ in support of you again in 2015, as you do the same for ‪#‎OurClub‬!

Much Love,

One of the Collective