For Us, For You, For Vancouver

@bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer)

The Voyageurs' Cup Finale 1st Leg is tonight in Montreal. There is a lot of talk around the match about the significance and priorities. For us, things are quite straight forward. this Finale is not primarily about CCl qualification, or allocation money - it is about finally lifting the cup that has eluded us. We know our technical staff and players understand that. We look forward to seeing them #GiveTheirAll on the pitch tonight and we can't wait to #GiveOurAll in support of them in two weeks time for the 2nd all important leg. 

Curva Collective will be at Malone's (608 West Pender Street) this evening watching the match. Kick off is at 4:30pm. Feel free to join us. If you want to support with us for the 2nd leg, tickets are $30. Email us at

Much Love,

One of the Collective