Thanks Diego!

On this festive occasion we want to express our thanks to #DiegoMartínRodríguez for the season he spent at #OurClub. We know that things didn't work out as we all had hope and that injury, in particular, played a big role in that. However, there were a number of moments that stand out when we look back on your contributions to the 2015 campaign.

Thank you for helping us keep a clean sheet and gain a 1-0 away victory in the den of the #OrlandoCityThieves. We know you got a ban after this match for Aurélien Collin, but there are plenty of players (and supporters) that felt that it was worth it.

Thanks also for your help in another 1-0 win, this time it was in our very first #CONCACAFChampionsLeague win vs. #CDOlimpia at #BCPlace. #MuchasGracias for leading a celebratory #Humba in our section after this match!

All the best for what is next in your career. Know that we'll be keeping an eye out for your progress in the future.

#FuerzaCharrua #FuerzaAbrazo #SupportIsAlways

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Thanks to @vancityvilla (@vancouversouthsiders photographer) for this photo of Diego following that #CCL win.