Happy Birthday David Morris!

From our #CurvaCollective Family to your Family, we hope you've had a wonderful #BCFamilyDay! If you want to get to know our Family better, come and support with us at a match - home or away. First chances for that are March 6 (home vs. Montreal) and March 19 (away vs. #Se4tt1e). Contact us on social media or through our website for further details.

This year's #FamilyDay also happens to coincide with the 38th Birthday of a local #Legend of #OurClub, @davemorris20. Happy Birthday, Davie! We know that in the past year or so that you have lost significant members of your Family...and your life has been enriched by becoming a Father. In the midst of the sorrow and the joy, we hope that you continue to live life with the passion you showed on the green grass of #Swangard. All our best to you and your Family for the coming year and know that you always have a home with us in 203/204.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

#SupportIsAlways #WeAllDreamOfATeamOfDavidMorris