TIfo Tuesday: Cities, Provinces and Countries

On this #TifoTuesday we reflect on our flag displays to celebrate our city and the regions, provinces, and countries of our players and coaches. Descriptions are left to right and top to bottom, starting in the upper left corner.


Our second ever home League match as a movement and our second display. 1 flag each representing the areas our players and coaches were from that season. Thanks to @aftncanada's Michael McColl for capturing this photo for us from the press box! The match ended in a goalless draw with DC, but it was our second straight clean sheet at home and a respectable start after the frustrations of 2011.


The second match of our second year and this was also our second display of the season. We went with 2 flags for every area. One was held and the other waved. This was also the debut of the multinational flag, which rose up from the middle of the display. Thanks to @bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer) for taking this picture. It came prior to a 2-1 victory over Columbus thanks to that sweet strike by @daigokobayashi16!


This year we waited to do this display until later in the season, which ended up being in August against Kansas City. This time we had 4 of each of the flags & had updated the multinational mosaic flag. Thanks to our partner @cascadianlion who got this photo of the display. #OurClub went on to to win that night thanks to an Own Goal by a guy named Igor and a @darrenmattocks' strike!


We ended up saving this one until our cup match against Portland in November. This time we decided to sew the flags into an overhead. There were again 4 flags of each of the areas represented in our squad and technical staff, but there was a window like framework of City of Vancouver and BC flags. In total 299 flags were in the display, which included the words "TOGETHER WE WILL DO THIS" and "¬°JUNTOS LO HAREMOS!" It was great to work on, develop, and deploy this display with a number of our players' wives. Thanks to Ken Dennis who got the best shot of the display from the other side of the stadium.

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