Tifo Tuesday: Flags

Yesterday was National Flag Day, so for today's #TifoTuesday we once again went with flags. For the past 3 seasons during the #VoyageursCup we have been doing a progressive flag display.

2013 - The first year we kept it simple and went with held Canada flags with the large Voyageurs flag in the front and centre of it all. The photo here was captured by Christopher Vose ahead of the 2nd Leg of the Finale vs. Montreal. It was our second display of the night. We had done the #ForYouForUsForVancouver display during the player entry...when they used to come out of the supporters' end in the #westcurva.

2014 - For the second year, the 2nd Leg of the semi-final vs. #TFC, we went with our #BC provincial flag. This time we worked with our friends in the @vancouversouthsiders to cover the entire #curva. Approximately 400 flags were a part of this display. Thanks to @kiltedcasper taking this photo from the top of our section, 203/204.

2015 - Last season, for the 2nd Leg of the Finale vs. #IMFC, we worked with @vancouversouthsiders & @raincitybrigade do a display of roughly 500 #CityOfVancouver flags. This display was augmented by word banners across the front rows of both sides of the tunnel. On the #VSS side was the motto of #VanCity: " BY SEA, LAND, AND AIR WE PROSPER". On our side of the tunnel it read "ON THE PITCH WE CONQUER!!" Thanks to our own @cascadianlion taking this photo of the entire end. This was of course the night we had all been waiting so long for...the night we finally lifted The Voyageurs Cup @bcplacestadium!

Visual displays of support are vital to who we are and how we support. If you want to donate your time, talent, or resources to our efforts, please be in touch:


Much Love,

One of the Collective

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