Congrats Ousted!

Congrats to @david_ousted_official_ on his new deal, which should keep him at #OurClub for 2-3 more seasons! David, you know how grateful we are for your role in the progression of the Club...and we can't wait for what the future holds! Give our best to your family and we'll see you @bcplacestadium again very soon!

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Thanks to our own Ted Akune for taking this photo back in November.

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Ousted, Ousted, Ousted!

Happy 31st Birthday to our #1 @david_ousted_official_! David, we hope you had a great weekend with your family and that your first day in Arizona went well. We'll see you when you're back in ‪#‎VanCity‬. All our best as you continue to prepare for ‪#‎FirstKick‬!

Much Love,

One of the Collective


P.S. Thanks to @bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer) for taking this photo of ‪#‎Ousted‬ with his twin boys after his clean sheet in our final League match of 2015 vs. Houston.

Thank You Earnie!


We want to congratulate @robertearnshaw on a wonderful career as a player!  #Agent88, thanks for the one season you spent representing us on the pitch.  Your two goals for #WFC2 in #USL (including one against #Se4tt1e) were only outdone by your two massive goals for the first team.

Thanks for your header against Houston in our final League fixture of the season, which helped secure our best ever finish in the table.  We also can't express how grateful we are for your late match winner vs. Portland back at the end of March.  With a number of distractions taking place off the pitch around this game, you helped turn a tense day into one of great joy...our first home League victory over the Timbers in our #MLS era!  You will also be remembered for being a part of the squad that helped us lift our very first #VoyageursCup!

Our deep appreciation for your contributions on the field is only magnified by your openness to connect off of it.  This photo taken by @bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer), of you leading #TheHumba after that Houston match, exemplifies your connection with #VanCitySupporters.  One of our partners, #MiniUltra Matthew, got your top in the kit exchange that night and he will never forget the occasion.

We look forward to having you influence the future generations of #OurClub as the coach of our U14s.  We are also happy that you'll be passing on your wisdom to our Strikers in the first team as well.  Know that, especially as you make this transition, #WeAlwaysGotYourBack.

Much Love,

One of the Collective 

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Congrats Deiby Flores!

Congrats @deibyflores1 on making your move to #VanCity permanent. Thanks for your contributions to our campaign last season in the #USL, League, #VoyageursCup, and #CCL. We look forward to supporting you again this season as you continue your footballing journey here in #UpperCA5CADIA!

Much Love,

One of the Collective


P.S. Thanks to our own @zacharyadammeisenheimer for taking this photo after last year's historic first win in the #CONCACAFChampionsLeague.

Thanks Beita!

Our song/chant for @stevenbeitashour will now have to be changed to:


All joking aside, we want to thank you Beita for your 2 years of service to ‪#‎OurClub‬. Your presence on our back line helped us progress as a top defensive side in the League. Not only did we allow the fewest goals this season, but you were on the pitch for 21 clean sheets during your time here.

Thanks also for your contributions to our attack. Of your 8 assists there are a few that stand out. Your slide tackle last year away to Salt Lake that led to ‪#‎SebastianFernandez‬' dialling long distance to hit the equalizer at the death was, literally, AWESOME! Then there was your very unselfish pullback to Octavio Rivero in our first away match in Chicago this year, which was our first win of the season and helped us on our way to the best away record in the entire League. Speaking of away victories, your pinpoint cross setting up Kekuta for a brilliant strike in New Jersey in June was perhaps our favourite pass you made in our kit!

We are grateful to you for always ‪#‎GivingYourAll‬ on and off the field while you were here in
‪#‎VanCity‬. Thanks for your openness and always speaking frankly with us. Thank you for helping us lift our very first ‪#‎VoyageursCup‬! We greatly appreciate your willingness to lead ‪#‎TheHumba‬ in our section following the victory over LA in April. We chose you for this match, as we know how much you enjoy beating the Galaxy.

We understand the reasons for your move and we wish you and your family all the best...except when we play you of course. Until we meet again...

Much Love,

One of the Collective

‪#‎SupportIsAlways‬ ‪#‎BeitashourIsAwesome‬

P.S. Thanks to @vancityvilla (@vancouversouthsiders photographer) for capturing this photo of Beita in 203/204 with us.

2015 Reflections: Kah

Congrats to @boykah on signing a contract extension today! There is always some awkwardness when a player joins our team from a rival...especially within #CA5CADIA, but at least you didn't come directly from #Se4tt1e!

In all seriousness, we really appreciate the way you helped use your experience and personality to invest into the lives of so many of the other players in our squad. You seemed to not only mentor some of them, but to also be a unifying presence for the whole side. We really value that.

On the pitch you made some significant contributions to our defence that was best in the League in goals allowed! You also had a great year going forward. Your brace away in #MiddleCA5CADIA ON August 1st will not soon be forgotten!!!

Something else that will live long in the memories of all your teammates is how you chose to value and celebrate our first ever #VoyageursCup victory. The rings you designed and shared with your cohorts and the technical staff are brilliant!!! Stepping up like that is a true symbol of your love for #OurClub!

Thank you also for the way in which you support the supporters. We were grateful to have you in our section, the match before your brace, to have you lead #TheHumba (thanks for the passion you showed in doing that) and to participate in a kit swap with one of our partners (@kylevchristensen)!

All our best to you and your wonderful family this off season! We'll see you at the end of the month of January.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Thanks to @bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer) for capturing this photo.

Happy Birthday Laba!!!

Happy 24th Birthday to our hard working midfielder @matiaslaba! As we look back on the past season, we are grateful for your massive contributions to our success on the pitch! Thank you for helping us lift our first #VoyageursCup!!! We will never forget that night at BC Place!

That occasion was made possible because of your goal away to Edmonton at the end of May, which will also live long in the memory...especially for our partners that made the trip.

That of course wasn't your only goal of the season. All of the #CapsOnTour in #PDX in July went nuts when your shot from distance, lasered its way into the back of north end goal. Those who score such goals in #CA5CADIACup matches have a special place in the hearts of supporters.

We want to thank you for more than your goals and for more than all the hard work you do in claiming the middle of the pitch for our team to operate in - we want to thank you for all the joy you bring to all your teammates in how you always are able to keep the mood light and provide some comic relief.

All our best to you & @camifreijomil as you prepare to be parents. Give our best to @juliolaba and your whole family in Argentina. Enjoy the off season and we'll see you in January!

Much Love,

One of the Collective
P.S. Thanks to @bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer) for this photo of Mati as he heads to the locker room to celebrate the #VsCup!

2015 Reflections: Paolo Tornaghi

We begin our reflections on the 2015 campaign, and especially our squad, by focusing on @70tornaghi. Paolo never played an ‪#‎MLS‬ minute during his 2 yrs in ‪#‎VanCity‬, but he has still made significant contributions to ‪#‎OurClub‬!

Paolo is a consummate professional. He always ‪#‎GaveHisAll‬ in training & was a part of the positive chemistry w/in the team. That might sound like a nice thing to say, but when you spend time w/Paolo, you get to see what a genuine, caring person he is & you realize that all that you have heard rings true.

Paolo's putting the Club ahead of himself was made evident in the days following our April 26, 2014 last gasp draw in Salt Lake. Following ‪#‎SebastianFernandez‬ hitting an equalizer from distance @ the death, all the subs on our bench, entered the field of play to celebrate. The League wanted to suspend all of them. Paolo was accepting of taking all of the punishment & only he got the 1 match ban.

In addition to some Reserve & ‪#‎USL‬ matches, Paolo played in 7 Cup matches for us in 2015. In 4 ‪#‎CCL‬ games, Paolo led us to our first draw & win, in our inaugural campaign in this continental competition.

Of most importance, however, Paolo played in our first 3 ‪#‎VoyageurCup‬ matches. We were sad that you weren't given the chance to start in the 2nd Leg of the Finale, but once again you showed your true character in how you handled it. Thanks for your role in bringing us our very 1st ‪#‎VsCup‬!!! This will forever be a part of the story of our Club!!! ‪#‎Thanks‬ also for leading ‪#‎TheHumba‬ after the dramatic win in ‪#‎YEG‬ & swapping kits w/ our dear friend @jrunn14 & for your support of our movement.

We wish you & @valentina_70_ all our best for what is next in football & life. Know that wherever you end up, we will be following & supporting (except when you play us) from ‪#‎UpperCa5cadia‬. We hope our paths cross again!

‪#‎MilleGraziePaolo‬ ‪#‎SupportIsAlways‬

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Valentina, thx for supporting w/us in our section, @ UBC for ‪#‎WFC2‬ matches, @ our pub for away matches, & for helping display the ‪#‎JuntosLosHaremos‬ banner! ‪#‎YouRAwesome‬

P.P.S. Thx to @residualimage (@aftncanada photographer) for sharing this photo!


This is the 4th year we have been supporting #OurClub as a movement. Each of the previous three seasons we have done a display with flags to celebrate the heritage of our players and coaches. The 1st year we had one flag for each province/country/region, then the 2nd year we had two (one held and one waved), and last year we had four flags waving.

This year we decided to take a different approach. Using our abundance of BC, City of Vancouver flags, and the flags representing our squad, we chose to make an overhead of sewn together flags. It was 13 flags (roughly 65') wide one 23 flags (roughly 69') high. In total 299 flags were put together via over 2,250' of sewing. Thanks to our partners that worked so hard on this part of the display!

As we were working through the word banner to accompany the overhead, we knew we wanted to express the unity within our squad and our connection to our players. The word we kept coming back to was "TOGETHER". A day or two before production of the word banners was to begin, @prisjk contacted us asking if we could help her and some of our players' wives/girlfriends make a banner. The words they were looking for were something expressing:..."WE'RE TOGETHER"...in Spanish. We worked to have the same phrase in English (at the front of our section) and Spanish in front of the box where our players' families support from. Thanks to everyone that created these banners! We also want to thank everyone that helped deploy this display on Sunday!

As a movement we believe in the importance of togetherness...especially with our players. We win together, we lose together. We celebrate together, we reflect on defeat together. We are in this together...no matter what. Sunday's result did not go the way we would have all liked it to, but together we will move forward and prepare for next season. A season that we hope to be another historical one for the Club we love.

If you want to be a part of our movement for 2016, please be in touch and visit our Contact page.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Thanks to Ken Dennis for capturing and sharing this photo!