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Although there is still much left to play for this season, Whitecap season ticket memberships renewals are underway, so we begin to look ahead to next year. 

For Partners that already have tickets with us, we look forward to another season of supporting our players. For those that are interested in relocating their seats to participate in this collective effort, please let us know. For those that are curious about acquiring single tickets, match packs, or full season ticket memberships with us, we can help with that too. In return, we expect your effort in the stands.

With the help of the Whitecaps Front Office, Curva Collective controls numerous rows of seats at the front of sections 203/204. Over the last few years, we have operated this as a general admission area for our Partners, with special exceptions for children, the elderly, and those responsible for tifo deployment. The benefits have been numerous and have helped create a communal dynamic. Want to congregate at the heart of the section? No problem. Are you bringing friends to support at a match? No longer do you have to scour for tickets close to yours. Going on vacation and can't attend a game? We are happy to move your tickets for you. Want to try out the section? We can make that happen.

Together, we can make 2017 memorable.

One of the Collective

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Euro Pool

Planning on watching the Euros this summer? Why not make it a little more interesting by joining a pool. Campo Atletico and Curva Collective are organizing a Euro prediction pool.

To get started download the excel spreadsheet, fill it out and then e-transfer $20 to The prize money will depend on how many people enter.

The spreadsheet is pretty straight forward. As soon as all of the group stage matches are predicted, the spreadsheet will automatically populate the group standings and the Round of 16. Then you just predict the rest of the knock out matches.

Any other questions please send us a message on our Contact page.

2-stick Creation Party

Along with #VocalUnity the other pillar of our support is #VisualDisplays...also known as #tifo. We engage in small, medium, and larger scale displays ranging from part of our section, the whole section to multiple sections. However, we also highly value individual tifo especially in the form of flags and 2-sticks.

Therefore, we are having a 2-stick creation party on Saturday, February 20th from noon-8:00pm in #VanCity. If you would like to come and create your own 2-stick or help create someone else's design, please let us know. If you want to make your own, we would as for you to make $15-20 donation, depending on a few variables. We will be tailgating as well so please bring your own food for the grill.

Be in touch here or via our website if you have any questions or to RSVP:

Happy New Year!

From our Starting XI* to yours, Happy New Year! We look forward to all that 2016 has in store as we look to retain The #VoyageursCup, reclaim the #CA5CADIACup ((#LetsTalkAboutSixBaby), and reach new heights in the Supporters Shield, MLS Cup, and the CONCACAF Champions League.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

#GivingOurAll #SupportIsAlways #WeAreWhoWeAre

*Starting XI = 11 random partners from our movement that posed for this photo at our October gathering...with the #VsCup!