To help celebrate Kei Kamara's birthday on September 1, 2018, Curva Collective wore Sierra Leone kits as part of a tifo.

We have extras in size S-XL.

If you would like to pick up one for $50, please email


We know who we are....but does everyone else?

New year, new colours, new style. The Curva Collective 2018 shirt features the diamond design and a large graphic on the back so the people in behind know who's signing and waving the flags. Available Youth S-L, Women's sizes S-L, and Men's S-3XL.

Email to get your hands on one.  $20 each.

CURVA TOQUE - Keep warm

Yes, we have a roof. But the weather can be uncooperative on the march to the match, or the joyous stroll back to the pub after a 'Caps win. Keep your head warm in style. We have a limited number of dark navy logo toques available for sale for $20 each. All proceeds from sales will go towards our future visual displays.

Email to order yours.

Toque: $20.00

A Summer Scarf for a Summer League

We are happy to make our summer scarf available to the masses. Scarves are $25 each or you can get one in a combo with one of our grey or navy shirts (sizes limited) for $40.

Contact us at to order yours!

Exclusive Voyageurs Cup Scarves and T-Shirts

Like all Vancouver supporters, Curva Collective was thrilled that our club won the 2015 Voyageurs Cup! To celebrate this historic achievement, Curva Collective have created collector's scarves and t-shirts.  Both are in a limited run, so contact us today to pick up yours.

Email to pre-order yours.

Shirts: $20.00 (XL only)

Scarves: $25.00


2015 Curva Collective Logo Shirt

Pick up the Curva Collective shirt with the new logo. It comes in "Youth Sizes" S-L, "Women Sizes" (not style) S-XL, and "Men Sizes" S-3XL. Be in touch if you like one. We encourage all partners to pick one up!

Email to be the first one on your block to have one of these cool tees.


2013 Curva Collective Shirt

The last of our original 2013 Curva Collective shirt. This is the last printing of this design. Available in XL only.

Email to get yours.