Support IS Always

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Support is always. A funny little phrase innit? The intricacies and subtleties of language fascinate. The intent of the speaker/writer colliding with the perceptions of the listener/reader to make a statement, but sometimes, a phrase isn’t a statement as much as a philosophy. We, as a collective, have embraced this phrase as a philosophy along with “We are who we are” and “giving our all”.

Support is always: what does it mean? The beauty of language is that a word, or three words as it were, can conjure up so many images and every image is real. In this case there seems to be a misconception that the phrase is an absolute statement “Support Always” or “Always support” as in no matter what happens we must be supportive of that action. But what makes the phrase a magical philosophy is the little word “is”.

Support IS always. It’s not a question of external judgement it’s a matter of personal value. It just “is”. The magic is how it relates to everything. In the stadium for 180 minutes….because support isn’t whistle to whistle – it includes a warm up and a send-off. It doesn’t mean sing for 90 minutes…though that is also a goal…because sometimes support is a broken heart; a pain that blocks the vocal chords and crushes the spirit. But it IS.

Support IS personal to each of us and is never wrong it just IS. It’s neither positive nor negative – it’s pure. It’s being true to a system of belief that is personal to each of us. It means saying, “that is wrong”, or going against the collective when you believe the collective is moving the wrong way. But always in a respectful way because support is always implies this is true of everyone.

Always means never absent: a collective never fails to support an action because a lack of support is a support of the counter or opposite action. So, support is always. Not just when convenient but in all matters. Individually whether something may or may not be relevant, if it is relevant to one it is relevant to all as support is also vicarious and accumulative. We support the actions of those who support action and we feel the support of those who support. It IS always.

It IS also a simplistic statement – Support is Always. We travel, we follow a player who moves on we encourage the youth and we cheer on through thick and thin. This is not blind faith – this is the moment in time that is supported. Maybe a player you don’t really like but wearing our kit and giving his all or a feeling of doubt washed aside to support against all odds. The micro support where support is always IS a statement. Stand and support. Give our All. We KNOW who we are!

The macro is the complexity. The statement becomes a question: Support is Always. Not so much a question as an asking. Do you have the best interest of the club deep in your heart? Are you truly and purely carrying a desire for our club? Are you willing to sacrifice? If you are pure of heart then support is always. Not an action but a philosophy manifested in action – any action. Support is fickle and is without judgement. Support is crying, support is smiling, support is loud, support is silent, support is happiness, support is anger, support is what keeps us coming back and caring and forming opinions and agreeing and disagreeing and loving and hating and fighting and hugging support is…it really is.

Support IS always.

One of the Collective