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Prior to the 2nd leg of the Voyageurs Cup, we teamed up with the Vancouver Southsiders to present this large Vancouver flag display along with two large word banners.  Even though it’s less complex than other joint displays we’ve done, it still requires a massive amount of manpower and coordination to pull off something this large.

The first banner, held up by our friends, the Southsiders, is the Vancouver city motto:  By Land Sea and Air, We Prosper.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the creation and deployment of this banner.

Photos courtesy of Jay Mayede, our own photographer.


2015 was a banner year for Uruguayan content with #OurClub. We decided to celebrate Uruguay's independence from Brazil with a large flag, with their logo in the middle and the faces of our players in each corner (Diego Rodriguez, Octavio Rivero, Nicolas Mezquida and Cristian Techera)

Fuerza Charrúa is a reference to the strength of the indigenous peoples of Uruguay.

Photo credit:  Jay Mayede


This simple, but effective display was unveiled in conjunction with our 2nd t-shirt to open the 2015 season.  The first part of this display were word banners from previous displays that we had done.   Around our logo were just simple flags with word banners above and below.

“Words Are Powerful” was displayed above, while “When Spoken with One Voice” was displayed below the logo.

Photo credit:  Curva photographer Jay Mayede

Four is Not Enough - october 2014

Ahead of the Caps only clash in Seattle in 2014, we joined forces with the Vancouver Southsiders to send a message, not only to our players, but to everyone in stadium.  We were not content with just four Cascadia Cups.  Thanks to the handful of people that worked on the creation, the dozen or so that worked on the in-stadium setup, and all the #CapsOnTour that were a part of deploying it. The execution wasn't perfect, but the message was meaningful and ultimately we hoisted our 5th Cascadia Cup. We completed the #DriveForFive. We are the #FirstToFive.  We are the Cascadia Cup record holders. We know who we are…#KingsOfCa5cadia!!!


Make A Wish BC teamed up with Whitecaps FC to treat Jaydon and his Port Moody Pirates U7 team to a day they will never forget.  They were notified of this special day by a surprise appearance by Spike, Christian Dean and Marius Rovde at the training session a few days before.

In addition to the VIP treatment (match in a luxury suite, pre-match tour of the dressing room) they led the team to the pitch for the match.  At halftime, they were each presented with a scarf from the Vancouver Southsiders and were then escorted over to Curva Collective and Rain City Brigade where they were met with a special trophy and a banner reading “Jaydon, You’ll Never Walk Alone”

To read more about Jaydon’s story:  https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2014/09/22/whitecaps-fc-team-make-wish-foundation-make-six-year-old-jaydons-wish-come-true

Thanks to Jay Mayede for capturing these moments for us.

Legend Valentine - september 2014

On September 10, we joined in with everyone that is a part of our Club in honouring Carl Valentine. He was a great player that helped our Club claim many a title. We are also greatly appreciate the roll he currently plays as an Ambassador and as a coach for our U16 Residency side. These opportunities allow Carl to pass on his love for football and our Club.

Carl, thanks for being you. Thanks for your support of our movement and the entire Club. We hope that Wednesday evening was a meaningful occasion for you and your family!

Here are some photos of the display we did and of Carl's visit to 203/204.


Thanks to Jay Mayede for capturing all of these moments…except the side shot of the display, which came from Whitecaps Scarf @Caps_Scarf on twitter…and one by Tom from Residual Image (working for AFTN Canada).

If you haven't watched Zachary Ratcliffe's video of the events from that night, make sure to check it out here:

The Art of Football - august 2014

As you can see, any display of this magnitude is a massive undertaking.  It all starts with an idea.  Sun Tzu's The Art Of War was thrown out as a potential theme. As the display began to take shape, it was decided that instead of doing it just on our half of the tunnel in BC Place's west curva, we should partner with our friends in the Vancouver Southsiders (VSS) and have the display cover the entire curva.   They obliged and work began.  It was a long and sometimes quite stressful process as much coordination was required in adddition to meeting deadlines so that the work could be completed.

The display it self started with the three sections on either side of the tunnel holding up placards. The word banner on the VSS side was raised, reading "INVINCIBILITY LIES IN THE DEFENCE"…followed by the the raising of large 2-sticks with our starting 'Keeper and back line. Then on our side of the tunnel the word banner reading THE POSSIBILITY OF VICTORY IN THE ATTACK was raised. Followed by our starting midfield and striker. Last but not least the tunnel piece was unveiled with the name of the display…THE ART OF FOOTBALL…in both English and Chinese (thanks to Ricky Pak for verifying this!) .

Any time a display of this size is attempted, a massive amount of in-stadium effort is required.  In addition to our own partners who sacrificed their prematch activities, the Southsiders and their crew, we would also like to thank the Rain City Brigade, 202 FB Crew and everyone else in the end who help up a placard or a massive player two stick to ensure this display was a success.

Thanks to The Endline for sharing their appreciation of the display:



May 24, 2014 was a significant day in the Caps MLS history.  This marked this first home Cascadia match since capturing their first MLS era Cascadia Cup.  We took the opportunity to create a multi-section display to mark the occasion.  A large fist, with the Vancouver skyline, 4 Douglas Fir trees  and an image of Demerit holding the Cup with one fist in the air.

The text was “The Club that Rules Cascadia” with blue and white flags between the word banners and the main piece.  Many thanks to all those involved in creation, transportation, testing and deployment of this effort.

Photos courtesy of our own photographer, Jay Mayede.