2015 Reflections: Kah

Congrats to @boykah on signing a contract extension today! There is always some awkwardness when a player joins our team from a rival...especially within #CA5CADIA, but at least you didn't come directly from #Se4tt1e!

In all seriousness, we really appreciate the way you helped use your experience and personality to invest into the lives of so many of the other players in our squad. You seemed to not only mentor some of them, but to also be a unifying presence for the whole side. We really value that.

On the pitch you made some significant contributions to our defence that was best in the League in goals allowed! You also had a great year going forward. Your brace away in #MiddleCA5CADIA ON August 1st will not soon be forgotten!!!

Something else that will live long in the memories of all your teammates is how you chose to value and celebrate our first ever #VoyageursCup victory. The rings you designed and shared with your cohorts and the technical staff are brilliant!!! Stepping up like that is a true symbol of your love for #OurClub!

Thank you also for the way in which you support the supporters. We were grateful to have you in our section, the match before your brace, to have you lead #TheHumba (thanks for the passion you showed in doing that) and to participate in a kit swap with one of our partners (@kylevchristensen)!

All our best to you and your wonderful family this off season! We'll see you at the end of the month of January.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Thanks to @bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer) for capturing this photo.