Dead Bulls

Now that the week is well under way, there is only one thing to focus on...our League match on Saturday. We host "New York Red Bulls"...or Dead Bull New Jersey as we prefer to call them. For some they are just a football team that was bought up by a corporation and "rebranded". For us they are one of the symptoms of modern football that should be troubling for anyone that values tradition and identity.

A few years ago, @ultrasmontreal did a small display reminding everyone that Red Bull Kills. They have so far taken over Clubs in New York, Salzburg, Leipzig, and São Paulo. We get that Clubs need money, but selling your whole identity (and in some cases colours) is not worth it. Amongst supporters and ultras the world over, these 4 "clubs" are despised for what they have done or allowed to happen to them.

At the beginning of this season we were disappointed to find out that this company had become a sponsor of #OurClub...again, we want our Club to make money, but we care how it is made and who it comes from. On top of all of this, it is more than awkward when you accept sponsorship from a company that is the owner of another team in your League, even in #MLS/ML$ where so much cross pollination exists. When we expressed our concern over certain red bull sponsored initiatives to those entrusted to be stewards of our Club, we were told, "It's just an energy drink." The message was essentially, "We don't care, we'll take money anywhere we can get it." It was a point we let the administrators of our Club know we could not agree with them on.

So Saturday we have extra desire and motivation to lift our side to victory. If you want to support with us in section 203/204, please be in touch as we have $35 tickets for sale.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

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Welcome to Our Tuesday BBQ

#TBT to this past Tuesday evening when our players took on #KansasCity in the #CCL. Things haven't really been going our way in the League lately, so we wanted to give our players and coaches some encouragement ahead of what was an important group stage match. It was great to see our side keep a clean sheet, score three goals (making the three KC logos seem prophetic), and just generally enjoy their football.

@70_tornaghi and all our defenders (Captain @kendallwaston, @tim_parker26 @sw_hakeem @brettlevis @matiaslaba @rt31bert) thank you for that clean sheet! @fraseraird was buzzing on the right wing all night! On the left it was great to see #ElBicho find the back of the net...with his head (!!!) and cultured left foot - thanks in part to set up play from @masato_kudo_official @etado19 & #MatiGol! #EMoney, your finish on #Rusty's ball over the top was inspired!!! Congrats on seeing some fruit from all of your hard work! @elraton7 & #AndrewJacobson helped put the game to bed when they came on as well.

All-in-all we dined on some tasty BBQ on Tuesday! We hope all our players are able to enjoy Saturday's match in LA just as much!

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Thanks to our own @cascadianlion for taking these photos. Check out the whole album on our Facebook page here:


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Tifo Tuesday: Flags

Yesterday was National Flag Day, so for today's #TifoTuesday we once again went with flags. For the past 3 seasons during the #VoyageursCup we have been doing a progressive flag display.

2013 - The first year we kept it simple and went with held Canada flags with the large Voyageurs flag in the front and centre of it all. The photo here was captured by Christopher Vose ahead of the 2nd Leg of the Finale vs. Montreal. It was our second display of the night. We had done the #ForYouForUsForVancouver display during the player entry...when they used to come out of the supporters' end in the #westcurva.

2014 - For the second year, the 2nd Leg of the semi-final vs. #TFC, we went with our #BC provincial flag. This time we worked with our friends in the @vancouversouthsiders to cover the entire #curva. Approximately 400 flags were a part of this display. Thanks to @kiltedcasper taking this photo from the top of our section, 203/204.

2015 - Last season, for the 2nd Leg of the Finale vs. #IMFC, we worked with @vancouversouthsiders & @raincitybrigade do a display of roughly 500 #CityOfVancouver flags. This display was augmented by word banners across the front rows of both sides of the tunnel. On the #VSS side was the motto of #VanCity: " BY SEA, LAND, AND AIR WE PROSPER". On our side of the tunnel it read "ON THE PITCH WE CONQUER!!" Thanks to our own @cascadianlion taking this photo of the entire end. This was of course the night we had all been waiting so long for...the night we finally lifted The Voyageurs Cup @bcplacestadium!

Visual displays of support are vital to who we are and how we support. If you want to donate your time, talent, or resources to our efforts, please be in touch:


Much Love,

One of the Collective

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National Flag Day

National Flag Day, eh? Here's a @vancityvilla photo of a small ‪#‎Canada‬ flag display we did for our final League match of 2013 vs. Colorado. This was the 2nd of 4 displays we did that day. At the epicentre of it was @mariehui belting out the national anthem. Good times! March 6th can't come soon enough. We have single match tickets in our section for sale. Want to support with us? Be in touch:


Much Love,

One of the Collective

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TIfo Tuesday: Cities, Provinces and Countries

On this #TifoTuesday we reflect on our flag displays to celebrate our city and the regions, provinces, and countries of our players and coaches. Descriptions are left to right and top to bottom, starting in the upper left corner.


Our second ever home League match as a movement and our second display. 1 flag each representing the areas our players and coaches were from that season. Thanks to @aftncanada's Michael McColl for capturing this photo for us from the press box! The match ended in a goalless draw with DC, but it was our second straight clean sheet at home and a respectable start after the frustrations of 2011.


The second match of our second year and this was also our second display of the season. We went with 2 flags for every area. One was held and the other waved. This was also the debut of the multinational flag, which rose up from the middle of the display. Thanks to @bobfridimages (@whitecapsfc photographer) for taking this picture. It came prior to a 2-1 victory over Columbus thanks to that sweet strike by @daigokobayashi16!


This year we waited to do this display until later in the season, which ended up being in August against Kansas City. This time we had 4 of each of the flags & had updated the multinational mosaic flag. Thanks to our partner @cascadianlion who got this photo of the display. #OurClub went on to to win that night thanks to an Own Goal by a guy named Igor and a @darrenmattocks' strike!


We ended up saving this one until our cup match against Portland in November. This time we decided to sew the flags into an overhead. There were again 4 flags of each of the areas represented in our squad and technical staff, but there was a window like framework of City of Vancouver and BC flags. In total 299 flags were in the display, which included the words "TOGETHER WE WILL DO THIS" and "¡JUNTOS LO HAREMOS!" It was great to work on, develop, and deploy this display with a number of our players' wives. Thanks to Ken Dennis who got the best shot of the display from the other side of the stadium.

Want to get involved in creating tifo w/us in 2016? Be in touch.

Happy Birthday Alain!

Happy 33rd Birthday to our former defender ‪#‎AlainRochat‬! Alain, we hope all is well with your wonderful family! All our best for the rest of your season with @bscyb_offiziell.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Thanks to Christopher Vose who took this photo of our display expressing our appreciation for Alain the match after he was traded to DC.

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Happy Birthday Jay!!!

Happy 36th Birthday to our inaugural #MLS era #Captain @d6merit! We hope your day is a good one! Also, congrats to you and @ashleighmcivor on the safe arrival of little Oakes! We were moved by the words Ashleigh expressed the other day when describing the joy of becoming a parent: "I didn't even know it was possible to love this way..." All our best to the both of you on this new journey you are on! Thanks for the ways you have been supportive of supporters, like that night you stopped by to work on this display with us and our friends in @raincitybrigade.

#Respect #SupportIsAlways

Much Love,

One of the Collective


This is the 4th year we have been supporting #OurClub as a movement. Each of the previous three seasons we have done a display with flags to celebrate the heritage of our players and coaches. The 1st year we had one flag for each province/country/region, then the 2nd year we had two (one held and one waved), and last year we had four flags waving.

This year we decided to take a different approach. Using our abundance of BC, City of Vancouver flags, and the flags representing our squad, we chose to make an overhead of sewn together flags. It was 13 flags (roughly 65') wide one 23 flags (roughly 69') high. In total 299 flags were put together via over 2,250' of sewing. Thanks to our partners that worked so hard on this part of the display!

As we were working through the word banner to accompany the overhead, we knew we wanted to express the unity within our squad and our connection to our players. The word we kept coming back to was "TOGETHER". A day or two before production of the word banners was to begin, @prisjk contacted us asking if we could help her and some of our players' wives/girlfriends make a banner. The words they were looking for were something expressing:..."WE'RE TOGETHER"...in Spanish. We worked to have the same phrase in English (at the front of our section) and Spanish in front of the box where our players' families support from. Thanks to everyone that created these banners! We also want to thank everyone that helped deploy this display on Sunday!

As a movement we believe in the importance of togetherness...especially with our players. We win together, we lose together. We celebrate together, we reflect on defeat together. We are in this together...no matter what. Sunday's result did not go the way we would have all liked it to, but together we will move forward and prepare for next season. A season that we hope to be another historical one for the Club we love.

If you want to be a part of our movement for 2016, please be in touch and visit our Contact page.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Thanks to Ken Dennis for capturing and sharing this photo!

Van City Tifo



Over the past few weeks, we have been working with @raincitybrigade at this display for the ‪#‎CascadiaCup‬ ‪#‎Finale‬. In the end we decided to go with a concept that originated with ‪#‎RCB‬ member @jabwayjames. One of our graphics people, Will Silver, worked on the design side of things. For the words, we ended up incorporating one of RCB's slogans... ‪#‎HoldTheLine‬.

A dozen or so people from both movements worked to grid, trace, and paint the display. On the final night of painting, we were joined by our former captain, and artist, @d6merit. Jay helped put the finishing touches on one of the word banners and catching people up on his current creative endeavours.

We want to thank everyone that helped work on this. We also want to thank those that helped deployed it, including those in 202/203 that vacated their space for a time so that we could get the image piece displayed.

Unfortunately the result on the pitch conspired against us and we failed to retain the Cup. However, we are still the ‪#‎RecordHolders‬ with 5 titles.

We look forward to lifting our players to ‪#‎Victory‬ again next Saturday vs. NYCFC. Be in touch if you'd like to join us.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Thanks to our photographer, @cascadianlion, for capture this shot of the display.