Gershon Koffie

Happy Birthday Koffie!

We want to wish @k7ffie a Happy 25th Birthday!!! #GTK, know that we have missed you dearly this season and look forward to what is in store for you in the future. We hope you have had an incredibly meaningful day! All our best from #VanCity!

Much Love,

One of the Collective

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    Curva BBQ

    We want to thank everyone that attended our gathering this past Sunday evening and those that worked to put the event on! We had a great time breaking bread, sharing vision, engaging with people's questions and concerns, bringing new partners into the movement, and connecting with a couple of our players and their loved ones.

    A special thank you to @k28ffie, @kendallwaston, @prisjk, and your family for joining us. It was really meaningful to hear you express your hearts with us. It was an encouragement to us and reinforced the significance of why we do what we do. Again, we are grateful for the generosity of your time and your openness to share.

    If you weren't able to make it and want to become a partner in our movement, we would love for you to support with us in our section at this Sunday's match vs. Houston (gates open at 3pm, kickoff is set for approximately 4:00pm). Our partners are those who have season tickets with us in our part of section 203/204. If you have tickets already, that's cool. Contact us and we'll make sure we have room for you. If you need tickets, we have some for sale ($35 each). Please be in touch.

    We can't wait for the massive matches we have ahead of us this Fall...and for what 2016 has in store.

    Much Love,

    One of the Collective

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    New Kit

    Image from the Vancouver Whitecaps

    Image from the Vancouver Whitecaps

    The official release of our new primary white kit took place this morning. Everyone has had plenty of time to look it over. Here are some pros and cons we were thinking about...


    It is white.

    It is a new take on our white kit (which you'll either like...or dislike).

    The players who will be wearing it (eg. Gersh!).


    Kits have become a symbol for the monetization of our game. As much you can be as a supporter movement of an MLS side, we are ‪#‎AMF‬.

    It is a new take on our white kit (which you'll either like...or dislike).

    Putting the motto on it twice...says something...and we're not sure it is a positive.

    What are your thoughts?


    For @g.28.k / @Gersh28koffie we simply chant:


    to the tune of Queen's "We Will Rock You". It is a fitting tune for the tough tackling, strong-on-the-ball Ghanaian born midfielder.

    The mutual ‪#‎Love‬ & ‪#‎Respect‬ between Gersh and ‪#‎VanCitySupporters‬ goes all the way back to his arrival in 2010. During our Cup run that Fall, Gersh endeared himself to all when he scored his first goal for us in the north end goal at Swangard vs. ‪#‎LowerCa5cadian‬ foes Portland. If you have never seen it before, it came in the opening minute of play and can be seen here:

    It has been great to follow and encourage Gersh's growth as a player over these past 4.5 years. His time in ‪#‎MLS‬ has had it's ups and downs (a few untimely injuries). He loves to be the single holding midfielder, but was also great next to @matiaslaba this season. If we go to a 4-4-2 (Diamond) in 2015, he will also be able to contribute from either the left or right sides of the diamond. It will be interesting to see how that may develop.

    Looking back on 2014 it is hard not to think of this as a stand out moment:

    It was a great contribution to another victory over ‪#‎Se4tt1e‬ that led to our completing our ‪#‎DriveForFive‬ and kept us as record holders in the ‪#‎Ca5cadiaCup‬.

    Gersh, enjoy your time back in ‪#‎Ghana‬. Be safe. We can't wait to ‪#‎GiveOurAll‬ as you do the same for ‪#‎OurClub‬ in 2015.

    Much Love,

    One of the Collective

    P.S. We can't remember who took this photo, but it was during the second half of the ‪#‎ManCity‬ Friendly in 2011. Gersh, after helping our side to 1-0 in the first half, spent 30-40 minutes in the stands with ‪#‎LaDoceVancouver‬. Massimo Cusano (please bring back the trumpet!), @zacharyadammeisenheimer, and others that would become ‪#‎partners‬ in our movement, really appreciated Gersh's supporting with them. He joined us in 203/204 post match after he scored the winner in the 4-0 victory over ‪#‎TheGoats‬ in 2012 and again at ‪#‎FirstKick‬ 2013 when he got the only goal in a 1-0 win vs. TFC. We hope to have him back one day to lead ‪#‎TheHumba‬.