Ethen Sampson

Photo by Bob Frid of the Vancouver Whitecaps

Photo by Bob Frid of the Vancouver Whitecaps

After a year or so in our U23/PDL/Reserve side, Ethen Sampson earned an ‪#‎MLS‬ deal in March of 2014. His role in the team was to provide cover at rightback. He had to be patient, but all of his hard work paid off as Robbo trusted him with two starts in matches late in the season.

The Gaffer's confidence in Ethen's ability to play in the first team was based on the progression the player had made through his time in ‪#‎VanCity‬. The tough tackling ‪#‎BafanaBafana‬ Youth International really improved his positional play and decision making as he cemented his transition from being a centre back to playing on the right side of the back 4.

Ethen, we look forward to you pushing for more games in 2015. All the best as you spend the off-season with friends & family!

Much Love,

One of the Collective

Goodbye Bryce, and Good Luck

That time of the season has started...when we start to part ways w/players by not coming to terms w/them on a new deal, not taking up their option, waiving them, releasing them, leaving them exposed in the expansion draft, etc.

The 1st announcement has been made & today we'll focus on half of it. #OurClub has decided to not pick up the option on @brycealderson1's contract. It was the final option year on the deal. He can be claimed on waivers by another #MLS side in the Dec 10 Waiver Draft.

For many this is simply a player who was only played in 2 Voyageurs' Cup matches being let go. Bryce's story is so much deeper than that.

He came to #VanCity w/high hopes & supporters here had great expectations for him as they began to witness his skills & leadership abilities at Residency matches. 2010-12 saw Bryce help the U18s & PDL play some quality football & achieve many good results (including being U18 runners' up in 2012). Bryce's vision for the game, his quality passing range, & ability to play a key role in transition were all on display. He usually found himself as 1 of the "2" in a 4-2-3-1. From there he often conducted & controlled the offense.

Bryce's dominance @ the U18 & PDL levels got him an MLS GA/HG deal. There was great anticipation on how Bryce would continue to develop his game. This is where the frustration comes in.

Bryce was not able to crack the MLS side &, aside from a few Reserve matches & a loan spell @ Charleston, it appears to have inhibited his growth as a player.

Having a local USL Pro side is what might have been the missing link for such a talented player...we'll never know. However, we are excited that this is the direction our Club is going in. Sadly it is far too late for Bryce. He wanted to go somewhere he would play & ultimately we believe Robbo is the 1 that has done what is best for Bryce's future in allowing him to leave.

Bryce, you know we wish you well. We look forward to what is next. Those in our movement who are also a part of #TheVoyageurs can't wait to see what part you'll play for the #CMNT in the years ahead.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

P.S. Mass & Zach w/Bryce @ media day - March 2012