Season's Greetings


As another calendar year comes to close, we want to wish all of our internal partners and their families a very Happy and prosperous holiday season. We extend that same greeting to those who have purchased tickets and joined us, either at BC Place, or in Middle or Lower Cascadia.

We would also like to formally welcome the new Vancouver Southsiders Board of Directors. We look forward to working with you in the quest to make BC Place a fortress for our boys in blue and white.

We cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store.

Special Announcement from Curva Collective

Our latest video contains brief reflections on Saturday's victory over Dallas, a look ahead to Wednesday's clash with Kansas City, and the revealing of our new summer scarf. Many thanks to Kendall & Priscila Waston for helping us launch the scarf! We greatly appreciate all the ways in which you ‪#‎SupportSupporters‬ and have blessed our movement. The scarf will be available on Saturday, May 7th, which is the day we host Portland at BC Place. Stay tuned for further details.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

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Not Just Another Saturday in Se4tt1e…


For the better part of the past four decades, supporters from Vancouver have enjoyed traveling south on the I-5 to a certain Fishing Village to support their players to victory on the pitch. This usually happens once, twice, or even up to three, four, or five times (depending on the League we were a part of) in a season. It is an enjoyable journey. For some it has become a ritual. For others it has, perhaps, become commonplace, so much that it isn’t that big a deal.

This Saturday’s match, however, is massive!  It is a CA5CADIA Cup Finale…of sorts. If we lose, the Flounders will claim their fourth title in our regional tournament.  Winning it for the fourth time was special, when we did it in 2013. If we draw the match, we have to rely on the Lumberjacks to win their match at the CLink on the 30th of August. If we win, we put ourselves back in the driver’s seat for our last clash with Se4tt1e at BC Place on September 19.

So, if you are a part of the #CapsOnTour for this match, please be prepared to Give Your All for the full 90 as we lift our players to victory. Stay hydrated, bring a scarf and check out our chants for some songs/chants you might not yet be familiar with, but hopefully will be at the end of the match.

To Our Players

in 2012 we prepared a display that we unveiled at the end of home match, just prior to a #CA5CADIACup match. It was from us to you. It read: "OUR DESIRE/YOUR DESTINY". Once again, we call on you to give your all on the pitch for our club. Help us retain our title and bring us one step closer to a 6th Cup! Together we can do this!

We’ll see you all Saturday, bring on the Flounders!

Much Love,

One of the Collective