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Get Your Summer Scarf!

We are happy to make our ‪#‎SummerScarf‬ available to the masses. You can order yours now by sending us an email and we'll respond with payment details. Scarves are $25 each or you can get one in a combo with one of our grey or navy shirts (sizes limited) for $40. All proceeds will be going towards our ‪#‎VisualDisplays‬ of support.

The first chance you'll have to pick up your scarf will be Wednesday, May 4th at the ‪#‎WFC2‬ match at Thunderbird Stadium (7pm kickoff). The second will be at The Devil's Elbow on Saturday, May 7th from 11:30am to 12:30pm, ahead of the Portland match. The third opportunity will be at The Red Card after that match. We look forward to hearing from you.

Also, massive thanks to @kendallwaston & @priswaston for helping us launch the scarf! Your support of supporters is greatly appreciated! Never forget that our Family, is your Family!

Much Love,

One of the Collective
P.S. Thanks to our Partners @cascadianlion for this photo of ‪#‎FamiliaWaston‬ and Will Silver for design and layout.

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Special Announcement from Curva Collective

Our latest video contains brief reflections on Saturday's victory over Dallas, a look ahead to Wednesday's clash with Kansas City, and the revealing of our new summer scarf. Many thanks to Kendall & Priscila Waston for helping us launch the scarf! We greatly appreciate all the ways in which you ‪#‎SupportSupporters‬ and have blessed our movement. The scarf will be available on Saturday, May 7th, which is the day we host Portland at BC Place. Stay tuned for further details.

Much Love,

One of the Collective

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